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3 Feet Cycling -A Kansas City Cycling Team promoting the 3 Feet Law when passing cyclist.

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About 3 Feet Cycling

Welcome to the 3 Feet Cycling Team!  Take a moment to refresh your memory about our history, mission, and expectations.  You will find that our expectations are fair, that they support the mission, and are manageable with little work from you.  Please let us know if there are any concerns you have about meeting these expectations.  

History:  3 Feet Cycling has been together in one form or another for over 11 years!  SKC Racing became Power Partners, and now our forever name, 3 Feet Cycling.  The event that changed the trajectory of this team was the loss of Glenda Taylor, hit by a car while warming up at the State Time Trial Championships in 2015.  This moment profoundly impacted the cycling community within this state, and set forth a rededication to safety and advocacy.  The team’s name was derived from the law in this state, and many others, requiring that automobiles give riders a minimum of 3 feet when passing.  


To promote safety, advocacy, and awareness of the 3 Feet Law, while strengthening relationships within the cycling community.  We aim to humanize the problem and promote observance of the 3 Feet Law.  We encourage and support all team members to achieve their goals whether competitively or recreationally.  

 Contact Us:

3 Feet Cycling

Jeff McCool - President
Phone (913) 558-6469