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3 Feet Cycling -A Kansas City Cycling Team promoting the 3 Feet Law when passing cyclist.

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3 Feet Cycling Gravel Challenge

Challenge yourself on our 38 mile course. There is not a lot of elevation change so should be a nice fast course for everyone to enjoy. Park at either Price Chopper or at the empty lots by Minsky’s off 159th & Mur-Len in South Olathe. 

Your entry into the prizes is a $20 donation to the Kansas NICA league. Here is the link to donation page. In the referral please note 3 feet challenge. Once you have donated please take a screen shot of the confirmation page and email to

The challenge will run thru the end of July 2020 to allow everyone the opportunity to get out and enjoy challenging themselves, multiple times if you wish. We will use Strava ranking for tracking. 

We will recognize the top 3 men in 3 different categories - A, B & C.  We will divide the total contestants into 3rds based on times and take the top 3 times in each group to recognize their efforts. (For example if there is 30 contestants the top 10 would be considered “A’s”, 11-20 would be considered “B’s” and 21-30 would be considered “C’s”.)

For the Women we will recognize the top 3 in 2 different categories - A & B. We will divide the contestants into 2 groups same as we do the men. 

We have some nice prizes from our sponsors coming. Keep an eye out for the announcement of the prizes. We will also update this page with the information. 

This is about challenging yourself while helping to get more kids on bikes as the Kansas NICA program gets started. We want to be good stewards of cycling and helping the next generation learn to enjoy cycling the way you do is important. Remember who got you into the one who gives that same love of the bike to someone else. 

The Kansas Interscholastic Cycling League was founded in 2019 as a non-profit (501(c)3) Emergent League of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). We facilitate the development of high school and middle school teams/clubs for grades 6-12 and provide the education, training, licensing, and insurance for coaches and volunteers. We also produce high-quality mountain bike events and races that emphasize the value of participation, camaraderie, positive sporting behavior, and well-being over competition.

The focus for 2019 is on spreading the word, dialing in venues, and making sure this thing is supported.  Come 2020, we look to expand our programming to include a ‘try it out’ tour, and get our Spring race series underway!