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3 Feet Cycling -A Kansas City Cycling Team promoting the 3 Feet Law when passing cyclist.

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3 Feet Cycling SAG Support in Emporia Kansas
June 5, 2021

SAG #1 in Madison, KS - 2018 DK
Watch to see why 3 Feet SAG is different

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Source Endurance would like to welcome you to 2021 and putting 2020 behind us.  You're planning for a great day at Unbound and SAG support is a key element to success.  Equally important is your own personal preparation for the event. Have you trained for something as truly epic as Unbound?  Do you know how to train for an event of this magnitude? Do you know how to eat and drink on game day? Do you know what equipment is reliable in the flint rock hills of Kansas (notorious for slicing tires)? We do and we're ready and willing to share all that with you.  Just click here! 
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3 Feet Cycling is offering SAG support services in Emporia, KS June 5, 2021.

We will provide SAG support for the 200 and 100 mile events.

Our services include local knowledge of the course prior to race day, answering of questions you may have, course recon ride Friday morning, drop bag services, minor mechanical, water, nutrition and lots of support and encouragement. Your job for the day is to ride your bike and cross the finish line – let 3 Feet Cycling take care of you and your bike and checkpoints.

We are an experienced group providing support for riders in Emporia on a larger scale. We continue to refine and improve what we offer. In 2018 we supported Josh Berry as he raced to a 2nd place finish overall. In 2019 we supported multiple podium finishers including Rainy Nuss 5th overall and 2nd female in the 100, Josh Berry 3rd place mens 29 and under, Joel Brazil 1st place mens 50-54 age group, Barbara Tardiff 1st place women’s 60+.

We also provide support at other events in the Midwest.

We have supported numerous riders that have set goals of placing or beating the sun and helped them achieve their goals. Some of the riders we support are looking to challenge themselves and ensure they finish the race. Yes we do everything we can to help make sure every rider we support achieves their goals.

We will pick you up and drive you back to town if you do abandon the race. 

Rules require you to have someone available to pick you up if you abandon. Event organizers WILL NOT come pick you up. 

We are not associated with Unbound Gravel or Life Time Fitness. 

Here what riders are saying about their 3 Feet Cycling SAG experience.

Amazing experience. The positivity for my group at the last stop was fantastic. Thank you   - Scott N.

I liked how ready the mechanic and helpers were to take your bike, air up the tires, lube the chain and give you a push off to the finish the day.   - Kim U.

You all were AMAZING, I will recommend AND use you again for sure!  - Lacey C.

Everyone went above and beyond.  - Oksana K.

3 Feet support was amazing! Thank you so much. Wouldn't change a thing.  - Joe H.

I really hope you guys are back next year, and whatever caused the hesitation for 2019 is worked through. I didn't get in either year, but I'd like to be able to count on your support for next year. 3 Feet is a big part of my Kanza experience, and I look forward to seeing you out there again!  - Reeve G. 

Awesome service...volunteers were incredible and couldn't do enough to help. Pizza at final checkpoint was a game changer!! I really appreciate the effort!!!   - Rob S.

You all were the best. I came back to the sag area after my race to see my wife come through. She was late and I ended up just watching all the support you all provided to everyone. I was amazing. It was a feel good moment for me! While getting support myself I was amazed at how efficient it was. Bike checked over. Water topped off. Cold towels given. Loved it.    - Brooke F. 

You were off-the-charts awesome! Everyone was super helpful! Super positive energy! I would not have been able to finish without your amazing support crew! So thankful!   - John P. 

Just be there next year..our family are customers until either you quit the service or we don't ride DK.   - Nick K. 

Thanks to our great sponsors - please support those who support the sport. 

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